“Come home to yourself”

– a journey through the body and mind.

14th November

Full-day retreat with Lisan Bremmers and Rebecka Römsing.
The day begins with a somatic yoga session and a meditation:
-How does it feel when you move in and out?
-Get in touch with your inner compass
-Put an intention (sankalpa) before the day
About yoga leaders:
Lisan is an experienced yoga teacher who has found her very own empathetic yoga style that is based on the whole body through ‘the fascia matrix’ and the ‘body-mind connection’. It has become a slowdown and a process of dissolution; an invitation to experience the simple joy of our existence by meeting what ” is ” without having to fix or change anything. That is when a feeling of lightness, freedom and new strength can arise. Her yoga classes are characterized by warmth and presence.
After the session we eat a light lunch together. Then we drive (10 min) to Näset (Torsåker) and start the sweat lodge.
The Celtic sweat lodge is one of many sweat lodge traditions around the world. The sweat lodge has been used for healing, celebration and creative purposes. Each tradition has its own way of building the hut and holding the ceremony. This very tradition comes from the mountains of Wales. Where it has been divided for several hundred years. Until today it is here in our hands. In the Celtic tradition, the sweat lodge is a ceremony of death and rebirth. We allow ourselves to let go of the everyday sound and peel off everything temporarily to get deep into the presence of the present. From this place we choose to travel towards the constant presence of death. We use this awareness to awaken the realization of what is really important in our lives. What are our deepest dreams and longings. What do we need to let go of in order to achieve these goals and desires. Together we make the journey in the sweat lodge as a circle with the guidance of the sweat lodge leader. The journey can create insights, healing, stillness, both emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. The ceremony is adapted so that you can participate regardless of whether you are new to it or experienced.
About the sweat hut leader:
Rebecka has worked in the Celtic sweat-clad tradition for almost 9 years. Has held his own huts and ceremonies for 4 years and lives in the path of the sweat hut daily. Today, Rebecka travels around Sweden and holds events, retreats, ceremonies or lives a very quiet life in Jämtland with her small family.
We end the day with hot soup.
Time: 09.00 – 19.00
Location: Torsåker
Cost 1700 sec.
Included: welcome drink, yoga, light vegan lunch, sweat lodge and soup.
Sign up by contacting Lisan or Rebecka.
Maximum number of participants 11 pers.