Animal moves – Spiragården

Animal moves is a way to train the body and mind by mimicking the animals’ movements. The movements are taken from nature and inspired by Animal Flow and Budokan. Animal moves not only affect your strength but also improve contact with your body and the connection between body and mind.


After several years of working with yoga, martial arts, strength training and running, I wanted to find something that was missing in conventional forms of training. A way to find the strength and agility that exists in the monkey, panther or bear. Power and control linked to body awareness. Training that is not based on discipline but playfulness but at the same time gives a clear effect. Animal moves were the result.


Animal moves can be trained outdoors or indoors. They can be part of a game of hide and seek, or an inspiring way to move through the forest. And it’s not just physical; you will find a new perspective on life and re-awaken something primal deep inside. For me, Animal moves brings back my connection to nature and to the human animal we all are.


Animal moves can be adapted to your ability and needs. It works for all ages and all bodies. We train barefoot in regular training clothes. It is recommended to bring a water bottle. We start with basic movements and continue with different combinations and challenges.


Date 23rd October
Time 13-17.30
Price 600 kr

Booking; Link to Spiragården, Åre