Barefoot Camp, Gotland 15-18th August

  •  Four days by the sea on Gotland
  • Exploring nature and finding yourself
  • Music and meetings around the campfire

Tim Jago, Mikael Bergman and Rebecka Römsing invite you to join us on Gotland for Barefoot camp in August.

For years I have had the dream of gathering with friends and sharing some of the beautiful experiences I have in nature. Now we have a unique opportunity. The area we have developed for sweat lodges at Salthamn, Gotland is opening up for a summer camp. Bring your children and your friends. We will holding workshops to open the senses, playing games in the forest, eating good food around a the fire and celebrating the full moon. There will be two lodges, one traditional lodge and one that is family friendly. And on the first evening of the camp we’ll be having a Full moon celebration on the beach!In fact, our ambition is that all of the workshops and events at the camp will be family friendly. Children will be included in everything that happens. We’re trying to keep everything simple. You take care of your own food and accommodation. You live in a tent at the camp or choose whatever suits your needs. You can book workshops singly or book the whole week.

The site is close to Lummelunda cave, right on the sea shore. There is space for camping and for workshops,and a permanent sweat lodge frame. The sea is child friendly and there area is quite private.

Sweat lodges, Nomad dinner party, Workshops incl. Animal moves, Opening the senses, Forest games, Ayurvedic yoga and much more. For information about individual workshops click here

Cost: For the whole camp incl lodges and workshops
Adult: 2000 kr
Child (10+) 700 kr
Camping 100kr/night for a tent with 1-3 adults

Individual workshops 300 kr
Individual lodge ceremonies 750 kr

For more information and booking