True power, Järna 13-14 April

Standing in your power – retreat in Järna

True Power – what is true power? The ability to remain true to yourself in any situation. The ability to allow that true self to act whenever needed. To find that true self we need to burn through layers of illusion, projection, addiction and fear. Fear is the voice inside saying “I can’t”. It’s the voice that asks us to give up, to give away our power, to hide at the back. Fear is the voice that tells us that we can’t make a difference, that we have no power.

Our world is changing and asking us to change. We are being asked to act with great integrity for the good of the whole planet. And yet that voice keeps creeping in. The choices are obvious and yet as individuals, and as a society, we keep returning to a state of denial. We need to remember who we are and why we are here. We need to stand in our power and be a force for good, for all humanity and for the Earth herself.
This weekend will be an investigation of true power using Kundalini yoga and the Celtic sweat lodge. We will connect with our power and use that connection to meet the voice of fear, embracing it and moving on, bringing light to the darkness. By remaining true to ourselves, every shadow becomes a step on our own sacred path.

The Celtic sweat lodge is a ritual of death and rebirth. It challenges you to release everything that doesn’t support you. It is a powerful ceremony for healing, and for awakening, birthing you back into the world with clear vision and a new awareness of purpose.

Kundalini yoga consists of powerful tools to let you get in contact with your true creative potential, your Kundalini. During this weekend we will combine movement and meditation to clear the subconscious mind of its programming and get in touch with our power as the creators of our lives. We will also do a meditation sequence to heal the wounds of the inner child.
To stand in our true power we need to embrace our vulnerability. We need to love and embrace our inner children, the aspects of us that have started believing in separation due to experiences in the past. When in this state these inner children might create some chaos in our lives. We bring them back to love by seeing them and attending to their needs. We bring ourselves back into alignment with source energy.

The earth gong will help ground us after the sweat lodge and to anchor the embodiment of our true power, centered in the heart.

Spaceholders are Tim Jago and Hanna Wretmark, both experienced spaceholders with their main focus on holding a space where you can feel safe.

We will enjoy vegan gluten free food cooked with love by the fantastic Petronella Sjöö.

Practical info:
The retreat will take place in a yurt (a round mongolian tent, heated by a fire stove), besides the sweat logde, which will have it’s own space.
Spaceholders: Tim Jago and Hanna Wretmark
Place: Charlottendals farm, Järna
Date: April 13-14
Time: We start on the Saturday at 10 and finish on the Sunday at 16
Investment: 2500 kr
Simple sleeping places are available in the yurt, there are also beds for hire at the farm (for an additional cost), contact us as soon as possible if you want this solution
Sing up and questions to: Hanna Wretmark, 0731542425,

You are warmly welcome to this weekend of transformation and true empowerment!