Breakthrough retreat – Solhälla

Breakthrough Retreat at Solhälla 28-30 April
There came a day. a moment of realisation, understanding that I was the owner, the builder and the gatekeeper of the cage I was trapped in. I was the only one who could keep me locked in and I was the only one who could get me out. This retreat is about breaking out of the cage and returning to freedom.
In my work, the thing that I hear most often from clients is that they feel trapped, that they are somehow stuck or stagnating. Relationships have grown cold or disappeared.
Life is without direction or purpose. There is a deep longing which is never answered. If you recognize any of this, then this retreat is a window of opportunity for you.
We want to change, and yet, for some reason we are unwiling to let go of that old version of us.
The Celtic sweat lodge is a ceremony of transformation. The old worn out dysfunctionial you will die and some one new will be reborn.
This retreat will be an immersion in the path of death and rebirth, facing and releasing fear. Becoming naked. Rediscovering your own soul, coming home to the life you were born to live.
I have combined some of the most powerful tools I know. We will be using the sweat lodge, breathwork, working with methods from Sufi traditions and from Celtic shamanism. Together we are going to break out of the cage. Can it be done in a weekend? Definitely. Seize your moment, there is no point in waiting and no time to waste.
“Knowing that the path
s made by the first step,

Choose bravely, and

In your madness

Find your heart”

about Solhälla : a beautiful place in nature by lake hallungen and a magic creek. with a new built temple a fire house and guesthouse with comfortable accommodations
you will get 3 ecological vegetarian meals a day and snacks
costs for the week end
food and lodging 1800sek
course price 1300 sek
mail to : for questions or bookings