Celtic lodge at Tilla Vi, Eskilstuna

Celtic lodge ceremony at Tilla Vi  25th January

Here she stands patiently, waiting … waiting for a new fire, new prayers, new hot stones, new tears, new laughter, new insights, new healing, waiting for us to take new steps on our paths.

A Celtic sweat lodge is a ceremony that takes us through death and back to life again. It is a healing process that helps us to let go of the things that we want to leave, things that no longer serve us, things like unneeded baggage. We get the opportunity to look deep within ourselves and choose how to proceed on our path.

This is the second of three sweat lodges in the coming six months. The ceremony  usually takes about 3-5 hours, depending on the group and what happens in the lodge. If you want to take part in the whole ceremony including when the fire is being built, the stones are put in and lit, you are of course welcome, we usually start with it about 3-4 hours before gathering.

We start building the fire at 11.00 and light it at about 13.00, everyone who wants to take part in this part of the ceremony is of course welcome. Bring your own lighter lunch (pre-cooked) or notify us upon registration and we will also prepare lunch for you for SEK 20. We eat together right after the fire is lit. We meet at 13:30 to begin our journey.

Presentation of Tim Jago who leads us through the lodge:
Tim is originally from the Welsh border of England. He has held Celtic sweat lodges in several different countries for more than twenty years and has been co-creator at various retreats and festivals. He has an education in the Celtic spiritual tradition, has been taught by sufis, and holds workshops in Scandinavia every year. He is a guide, a father, a poet and a long distance runner.

Start filling up with water in  good time, preferably drink 1.5 liters of water during the day before we gather at the lodge and eat your last meal at least two hours before gathering. Bring your water bottle, a towel to dry off with after the lodge (shower is available) and whatever you want to wear in the lodge. You can wear whatever you are comfortable within the lodge, You can go in naked, wear swimwear, underwear and / or a towel or sarong. You can also bring something to add to the altar that gathers all the good work from the ceremony. After the ceremony in the lodge we have a sharing that everyone who participated in the lodg should attend, then we end the day with a light snack, such as nuts, fruits, cheese, tea and drinks, please inform us of any allergies!

Price 600 kr for wood, food and all things good.

Registration and questions are sent via sms or call to Ulla 0706886295 or Tina 0736781495. Welcome!