Celtic lodges- Öland

Remember that feeling of sitting on the beach as the morning sun wakes up the world. Watching the stones heating in the fire and knowing that soon we will be diving into the mystery of the lodge. Remember crawling out at the end of the ceremony, taking yourself down to the sea and letting the water wash over your body. Some of my most beautiful lodge experiences have happened on the beach on Öland.

We are going to try and bring Celtic sweat lodges to Böda this year. But we need your support. Financially we need a large chunk of money to pay for transport, wood and other expenses. The plan is to hold three lodges on the 9th.10th, and 11th of June. There will be a limited number of places in each lodge, 10-15 participants. We are asking 600 kr from each participant.
On the 8th we will build the lodge and the altars. Anyone who would like to help is welcome. Creating the ceremony space is a ceremony in itself, and is a great introduction to those who haven’t taken part in a Celtic lodge before.
If you want to join us, send an email to info@celticlodges.com. I’ll give you details of my Swish or Paypal account and when Your payment shows up, your place in the lodge will be confirmed. The last date for payment is 1st June

If we don’t get enough participants, or if for any other reason the lodge is cancelled, your money will be returned in full. If you wish to cancel before June 1st we will keep 300 kr as a booking fee. From June 1st we will not be able to return fees as cars, tickets and wood will still need to be paid for. But you will be able to give or sell your space to somebody else.

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