Celtic Samhain

Celtic Samhain 29 -31 October, Denmark

The days between the autumn equinox ca 21 September and the Samhain 31 October is the time to harvest our gardens.
Taking the knowledge we gathered during the year and turning it in to wisdom.
We let the last year fall into silence and prepare to step in to the dream.
And then we come to Samhain, the end of the Celtic year and the beginning of the new.
That empty space between dying and being born.
This is the place we listen to the voice of life whispering in the wind.
When we let go of our self and let life show us what our purpose is for the coming year.
This place is what this retreat is about.
First we let ourselves see the wisdom of our year, then we let everything go, to be able to be totally silent for hearing the voice of life speak inside us.
And see what plan it has for us during the year ahead.
On the schedule
Dinner and drum journey
Saturday :
Introduction Samhain
Meeting stone people and tree people
Sweatlodge: Innanas journey
Celtic sweatlodge
Sharing and closing circle
About the ceremony leader :
Rebecka has been studying and working with celtic sweatlodges for 7 years.
She has been holding ceremonies and sweatlodges for 4 years.
Rebecka lives in the North of Sweden with her family and spends most of her time with them in the forest and the mountains or working out at the gym.
She walks her life with the celtic sweatlodge and it’s her way of living.
> Price and booking information <
The price to attend the retreat weekend is 2200 d.kr.
Prices includes all workshops, 2 sweat lodges, vegan food, and accommodation in shared space.
Book your place by e-mail: keltisksvedehytte@gmail.com
To confirm your booking send deposit payment of 500 d.kr to
mobilepay: 22122757 to Heidi Søe
Or Bank account: 9090 0004823109
Mark the payment: 29-31 okt. and your name.
Warmth and welcome
Rebecka, Heidi and Tue