Celtic sweat lodge, Henån

Our bodies, our minds, our senses are capable of so much more than the way they are used in daily life. Would you like to experience a deep feeling of aliveness? To feel powerful and open? Would you like to feel intimately connected to the world around you? Are you longing to regain your sense of purpose?
The celtic sweat lodge is a tool for transformation and healing. It is designed to bring you back into connection with the core of your being. It will give you the experience of living from your essence, your spirit. After working with the lodge you will feel reborn. The ritual will help you release trauma and come back into balance. Our bodies become more open, our sense become rich and full and we find new freedom.
Saturday 14/11
15:00 Preparing the lodge
17.00 Last arrival time.
18:00 Sweat lodge
21:30 Sharing circle
Tim Jago
I have spent over twenty years working with the sweat lodge, leading zikr, supporting people on their own journey. I have been trained in a celtic spiritual tradition, spent time among sufis and have practiced kundalini yoga for many years.
There are limited places. You need to book in advance.
info@celticlodges.com for booking and/or more information

Price 650 kr. Swish or cash