Celtic sweatlodge, Torsåker

The Celtic sweat lodge is an ancient ceremony for purification, for healing, and for finding a deep peace and balance. No one knows when it started but there are remains in Scotland and Ireland from the time before the Roman Empire. The ceremony has been preserved orally, over generations as fairy tales and hidden among the mountains from unfriendly eyes.

The process is powerful, it leaves no one indifferent. It is used for physical and emotional healing. The sweat lodge is the place where we turn inward and seek answers about the meaning of life, about our purpose, about the way forward. It is the place we come to when we are tired, when we can no longer cope, when we need insights and new strength.

The event is an introduction to the Celtic sweat lodge. It is suitable for beginners and for those who are used to sweat huts. There is room for 15-20 people in the lodge. NOTE! It is important that you book your place in advance so that we can guarantee that everyone who wants can participate.The process is powerful and it is good if you have a quiet time before the ceremony and afterwards.

My name is Rebecka Römsing. I have studied the Celtic sweat hut ceremony for over 7 years, kept lodges for over 3 years. The sweat lodgeceremony has given me more than I wanted, for me it is home, I am happy to be able to share it with others.

Bring :
Two towels (one for inside the lodge if you want and need and one for after)
Water bottle
Comfortable clothes
Something to sit on
Wear clothes for the weather

13:00 Gathering and introduction
14:00 We build the fire
17:00 We enter the lodge
20:00 Sharing around the fire after the lodge

Sweat ceremony 500: –
Registration: swedishfoxromsing@gmail.com
Your place in the ceremony is confirmed with payment of SEK 500 via Swish or transfer.

Lillemossevägen 1.
813 94 Torsåker.
60,478 N – 16,608 Ö
Warm welcome 💖