Celtic Sweatlodge – Torsåker

Torsåker 18 September

The autumn equinox is soon upon us. The day when the dark and the light are in balance. When that happens a door opens. In spring it’s the door of birth, new life filling the earth with shoots and plants, filling the forest with young.
The autumn equinox is different. That door we don’t like to talk about. The one that leads into the dark. And we need it. Time to be in silence, time to let go of all of the distractions. Time to turn inwards and reflect on we have created and what it is that calls us back into the light.

This too is the journey of the sweat lodge. We choose to enter the darkness. To return to our beginning, releasing everything that does not serve our journey. In the lodge we find that inner silence and remember what it was that called us to take this path.
If it’s your time, if you feel that longing, if you are ready to heal and to welcome the next step on your path, please join us in Torsåker on the 18th of September for an autumn equinox lodge.

In the Celtic tradition, the sweat lodge is a ceremony of death and rebirth. We let go of everyday life and peel off the veils of illusion to get deep into presence. We turn to our own mortality in order to wake up to life. We use this awareness to awaken the understanding of what is real, what is important in our lives. Our deepest dreams and longings. That which no longer supports us and which needs to be released. The way to achieve these goals and longings.

The Celtic sweat lodge is one of many sweat lodge traditions around the world. The sweat lodge has been used for healing, celebration and seeking insight for centuries. This tradition comes from the mountains of Wales.

Together we make the journey in the sweat lodge as a circle under the guidance of the sweat lodge leader. The journey can bring insights, healing or stillness, both emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.
The ceremony is adapted so that you can participate regardless of whether you are new or experienced.

About the leader:
Tim Jago has been holding sweat lodges for over 30 years. Today he travels around the whole of the Nordic region and holds sweatlodges, retreats and other events. Or he hikes with his family in the Jämtland mountains and enjoys the silence.

Price: 600 kr
Registration and questions: email tim@celticlodges.com