Celtic Sweatlodge, Vig, Denmark

Welcome to the Celtic sweat lodge with Tim Jago 3rd and 4th March 2023

A Celtic sweat lodge is a ceremony that takes us through death and back to life again.
It is a healing process that helps us to let go of the conditions in our lives that no longer serve us.
The sweat lodge can be challenging, but it is also a gift to show us our deepest potential and inner strength. After a sweat lodge ceremony, you can experience inner peace and a new focus on your purpose in life. This Celtic sweat lodge ceremony originates from the mountains of Wales, where it has been kept hidden for hundreds of years. The ceremony will take place in easy-to-understand English.
Tim Jago has led Celtic sweat lodges for over 30 years and travels throughout Scandinavia, where he holds ceremonies and retreats.
Tim has amassed a wide range of experience and teaching that bridges the depth and complexity of human existence. For a number of years he has lived in nature in a Celtic mountain community in Wales. He has learned to live in nature from traditional shamans, hunters and members of the armed forces.He  has studied social anthropology, systems ecology and psychology.
Tim also has training with Sufis, healers and shamanistic practitioners.
Tim currently lives in Jämtland in Sweden.
Practical information:
We will meet on Friday 3 March at 17:00 at the ceremony site.
A vegan meal will be served after the sweat lodge.
We finish around 24.00
We meet on Saturday 4 March at 12.30 on the ceremony site.
There is a lot of practical work to do before the sweat lodge is ready and the fire can be lit.
Doing it together creates cohesion and community.
A vegan meal will be served after the sweat lodge.
We finish around 10.30 p.m
-2 towels
– drinking bottle
-Clothes according to the weather.
In a Celtic sweat lodge, you decide for yourself what you want to wear – it can be a sarong, swimwear, a sweat lodge dress, a towel or you can be naked.
To make it more accessible, this sweat lodge is offered in three price levels. Consider what you are able to give at this time and choose the price that suits you:
DKK 450 – DKK 650 – DKK 850
If you do not have the means to participate, call us and we will find a solution.
Registration with Heidi on tel. +45 22122757
Write which date you want to participate and whether you want to stay overnight.
Pay a deposit of DKK 300 on MobilePay: 22122757 or on
account no: 9090 0004679229
Write in the comment field which date you are registered.
You are finally registered when we have received your deposit.
If you cancel a week before, you will not get the deposit back, but you are welcome to give your place to someone else.
Give us a message with the name and phone number of the person you are giving your place to.
The remaining amount is paid on the day itself in cash or by MobilePay.
NB. It is possible to stay overnight and to participate in the sweat lodge again the next day.
We have 2 teepees with wood-burning stoves, Tiny houses, a caravan and a first floor with sleeping places. Or you can pitch your own tent.
We do not have a fixed price for accommodation, but a donation for any firewood, and the lending of bedding, electricity etc. and as a contribution to us being able to continue running this place.
You are always welcome to write or call Heidi with any questions on tel. +45 22122757
Warm greetings from Tim, Tue and Heidi