Healing Women retreat 21-23 Aug

I expand, the boundary between I and not I slowly fades away. Rest, joy, freedom are bubbling up. I am not alone anymore, we become one, an organism, an experience, together. Merging with the ground, the trees, the leaves, in the fire I get to be reflected and see tales of the past. I have to let go of whatever I’m holding back, and show myself just the way I am. Because I am seen, in a genuine and pure way. Here I can drop everything I carry, let it fall to the ground and into the fire. Let it flow from my body as water flows from the rocks on towards the lake.
This is where I can be healed.

This is a retreat for women, where we meet together outdoors around the fire, in the sweat lodge, on the yoga mat, in the music in our bodies. We will have the opportunity to cleanse, heal and open the doors we keep closed in touch with the music, the wind, the heat, and the body.

We will spend most of our waking hours outdoors, unless the rain is pouring down.
By a lake, in a beautiful place, Himladal.

We awaken our senses by going through ceremonies, performing yoga, exercising and eating outdoors. We choose to go outside the comfort zone we often choose to spend our time indoors. We choose to meet ourselves, to meet each other, to meet the earth, in the fresh air where the body’s cells are filled with oxygen and brought to life.
We will use various tools to make this journey.

We start with Celtic sweat lodge to release everyday life, to clear away as much of the spin and rush in our heads as possible. To let go of those emotions that prevent us from seeing clearly. We will die and then be reborn. Then use this open clear state to continue the journey.
We will make one or two drum journeys, to travel to a place beyond this consciousness to find answers we do not find here in this body in this consciousness.
We will train the body in being present. Since exercise can also bring a lot of pressure and stress, I have chosen to combine presence together with physical activity. It is also very good to train the body when we work with healing and various journeys beyond the body. And after that to come home again to our body in the present. To ground and anchor our experiences and insights.
We will practice Ayurveda yoga and use the the outdoor active dosha to find more balance and to start the day from a more centred state.
We will hold a dance ceremony. Where we use tools from the Celtic sweat lodge to create a sacred space where we can travel and heal. It is a healing ceremony in silence as well as in movement. We call it a dance ceremony to best describe what it is. We will make a guided trip together with music and we have a fire in the centre, where we can let go of everything thats come up.
We will end with a sharing circle where there is room to share the story of your journey and experiences. Together we meet and see each other in an open and healing space.

About Rebecka:
Rebecka is one of Tim Jago’s apprentices and has been studying / practicing the Celtic lodge and Celtic shamanism for 7 years. She has held sweat lodges for 3 years and is also a trained Ayurvedic yoga teacher and exercise instructor. Rebecka loves to be physical, exercising, hiking, dancing, yoga and sweating. Spending time by a fire in the forest with loved ones.
Rebecka is also the mother of Loke 1.8 years. She is married to Tim Jago and has just moved to beautiful Jämtland where long walks in deep forest is a dayly practice.
bout the location and space holder:
Himladal is beautiful, located on the shore of a lake 45 minutes southeast of Gothenburg. The farm has been passed down through generations and now Ingrid cares for it and has opened it up as a ~ sanctuary for healing and transformation. The idea came through a clear vision, a resting place for women, where only being together becomes healing and strengthening.
Ingrid who has many years of experience as a chef will cook fantastic vegetarian / vegan and colourful food for us during our stay.

Price and accommodation:
2500 SEK food and accommodation
Vegetarian / vegan food and sleeping space in dormitory or shared room .
If it is very important to sleep by yourself then contact us. Bookings are processed in the order of arrival.
email to swedishfoxromsing@gmail.com
Then pay the registration fee SEK 350 with swish (not refunded if you cancel for any reason).
The remaining sum must be paid by 10/8- 2020 at the latest.
For questions;
Rebecka Römsing
Looking forward so much to sharing this retreat with you.
Warm welcome💖
PS: The reatret will be held in Swedish ore English depending on who comes See less