Human::Nature 11-16 Aug

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an animal in the forest?
To run like a deer or stalk like wolf?
What would it be like to lose your civilized self and sink into the ever present now of nature?
This retreat is designed to give you that experience.


We will work and play together to open your senses, to quieten your thoughts and to free your body from its conditioning.
If you have a longing to feel how it is to be truly wild, come and join us 11 - 16 August on Orust!


Join us for 5 days of deep nature immersion, natural movement, breath work, ceremonies and exploration of your human essence.
There is a calling within our hearts to connect deeper to our human nature.
A calling to wake up to the sounds of the wild natural world and lightly tread on the soft damp earth at dawn with our bare feet.
To move naturally, breathe deeply and to embrace our true humanity, in tune with the lush wildness of Earth and our hearts.
We long to gather around the fire at night, where our stories and our life come alive beneath the silent song of the stars. Where we see and hear ourselves in the light of others, and find our own power within.
We invite you to join us on a journey to the simplest form of human being we know.
A place and space to connect to the playful essence of your human nature.
Practical Details about the retreat:
Price: 3000 SEK
Includes full participation in the retreat, all food & tent space.
Booking/questions –
Food will be vegan and prepared by the landowners Nico and Vera.
If you feel the calling and are low on financial means, please let us know and we’ll find a solution suiting your present situation.
Retreat guides; Tim Jago and Jacob Marinko
Equipment needed:
Outdoor wear for all weather.
Towel, swimming gear.
Flash light
Bring your own tent, sleeping gear and eating equipment (Plate, cup, water bottle, knife/fork/spoon)


We’re offering you the opportunity to wake up your body, your senses and your aliveness fully.  During these five days youwill experience;
- getting out of the box, and into the wildness of your heart.
- forest games and playfulness, including camouflage, hiding and animal moves
- breath work, natural movement training & guided journeys.
one, maybe two, sweat lodges.
Your capability to handle the complexity of our world in change will be enhanced.
We invite you to connect to our true Human Nature.
Come and play!