Human::Nature 14-16 Aug

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an animal in the forest?
To run like a deer or stalk like wolf?
What would it be like to lose your civilized self and sink into the ever present now of nature?
This retreat is designed to give you that experience.


We will work and play together to open your senses, to quieten your thoughts and to free your body from its conditioning.
If you have a longing to feel how it is to be truly wild, come and join us 14 - 16 August on Orust!


Join us for 48 hrs of deep nature immersion, natural movement, breath work, community and exploration of your human essence, all embraced by a serene and beautiful location on the island of Orust.

Connect To Your Human / Nature

There is a calling within our hearts to connect deeper to our human nature.

A calling to wake up to the sounds of the wild natural world and lightly tread on the soft damp earth at dawn with our bare feet.

To move naturally, breathe deeply and to embrace our own presence, in tune with the lush wilderness of Earth and our hearts.

We invite you to join us on a journey to the simplest form of being we know.

A place and space to connect to the playful essence of your human nature.

We're offering you the opportunity to wake up your body, your senses and your aliveness fully

This is a short intense immersion into nature where you will learn the foundation of natural movement, how to use your breath to enhance the quality of your life and explore deeper ways of connecting with nature and the elements.

You’ll learn:

- Natural movement techniques such as ground movement, crawling, stalking, barefoot running, jumping, vaulting, balancing and how to move more efficiently in nature.

- Breath work and how you can use your breath to enhance the day-to-day quality of your life, come into deeper states of relaxation and create energy, clarity and focus

- Traditional shamanic practices to open up and deepen your senses, to awaken the animal body and deepen your contact with nature.

- How to experience life from deeper states of consciousness. You will experience a new sense of aliveness and rediscover the ability to play

The weekend will equip you with new ways of moving, breathing, being and meeting yourself and your life.


Tim Jago
Tim has gathered a wide variety of experience and teaching bridging the depth and complexity of human existence. He has studied social anthropology, systems ecology and psychology at universities. Beyond Tim’s training in conventional and alternative medicine, he has studied with sufis, healers and shamanic practitioners.

Tim learned several systems of breathwork including Rebirthing and pranayama. He has lived in a mountain community and learned about living in the wild from traditional shamans, hunters and members of the armed forces.

He holds ceremonies in the Celtkc sweat lodge tradition with more than twenty years experience. Currently he is a father, poet and ultra distance runner.

Tim's work is supporting individuals and communities in the challenge of human being in a culture of human doing.

Jacob Marinko
Jacob is a trained coach, Movnat Certified Trainer Level 2 and Breath Work Guide helping people to come in deeper contact with their own truth and more natural states of being.

With embodiment practices, breathwork & natural movement training, nature connection and developmental coaching he guides people into shifts of perception, bringing clarity and insight to how to live a life in purpose and meaning.

In his work as a coach he brings his own life transitions and +20 yrs of business experience from sales, management consulting, organizational development and start-up entrepreneurship combined with practices to re-claim and re-gain more natural states of being.

In essence, supporting others to live more fully in all areas of life.

At this present moment in time Jacob is building a permaculture inspired house and garden in Uppsala with his partner Helena and two children, learning how to live in more awareness, deeper connection to Earth and the elements while keeping balance with our modern society and the changes we are facing.

Practical Details about the retreat:

Arrival on Friday 15.00 and ending on Sunday at 15 pm.
Cost: Swish 2100 SEK, due August 12th to secure your spot. Write Human Nature and your name in the message field.

Swish to reserve your spot at the latest on Wednesday 12th of August:
Swish number: 0706-77 42 19

If you don’t have Swish, contact us for other paying options.

If you feel the calling and are low on financial means, please let us know and we’ll find a solution suiting your present situation.

- Arrival and getting settled
- Opening the circle and introductions
- Dinner and hang out
- Evening Session around the fire - Shapeshifting and animal body

- Early morning session: Breath work and natural movement
- Breakfast
- Session: The foundations of Natural Movement
- Lunch and rest
- Afternoon Session: Nature Immersion & Opening Senses
- Rest & Dinner
- Evening Session: Awareness Practice, Storytelling and Sharing around the Fire

- Early morning session: Breath work and natural movement
- Breakfast
- Session: Deep Nature Immersion, Animal games
- Lunch
- Closing Session

Optional extra: sweat lodge Thursday evening.Seeseperate eventfor details.

- Vegan food and snacks are included for the whole weekend.
- Bring you own tent or share a 10 ppl big canvas tent

Please, inform us if you want to take one of the 10 spots in the big tent.

Language: Swedish and English

Outdoor wear for all weather.
Towel, swimming gear.
Flash light
Bring your own tent if you wish, sleeping gear and eating equipment (Plate, cup, water bottle, knife/fork/spoon)


Anyone who has a longing for a deeper contact with nature and a deeper connection with themselves.

You need to be comfortable with sleeping in a tent, washing in a lake and using an outdoor toilet. We will be outdoors 24/7.

This is not a survival course or a bushcraft course (except by accident). Many of the skills you will learn will be a great help in the forest and give you lots of joy exploring nature. And they can be equally useful at home or at work.

All exercise and practical training will be adapted for the participant. However you should be prepared and ready to be physically active for the duration of the retreat. There will be time to rest, socialize or just be by yourself.


Email Tim-
Or call Jacob: 0706-77 42 19


Höggeröd 348
Henån, Orust

This weekend retreat will be hosted at a small farm on the shore of Höggeröd vatten, a small and beautiful lake on the edge of the forest, near the sea of the North-East side of Orust. There are forests to play in, rocks to climb and to jump into the lake from, berries to pick and fields to roll in, all pristine nature to explore.

As this is an outdoor retreat we will be spending practically all our time outdoors. There is a big and comfortable tent where we can take shelter from the rain or sun if needed