In Real Life

In Real Life


A series of online workshops focused on spiritual growth for ordinary people in everyday lives.


As the parent of a two year old, a husband and the carer for two dogs and  my life is pretty busy. The bills need to be paid, the flat needs to be kept clean, meals cooked and clothes washed. On top of that there are clients to meet, retreats to organize and hold, and a thousand other things that demand my time and attention. You probably know how that feels.


How can we support spiritual growth in these situations? Let’s face it, the challenges we face on a global and personal level need to be met from a place deep inside us. We need clarity and strength to keep moving forward. And we need to find peace in the middle of all of this stress.


In each workshop we will meet our own lives from a different perspective. There will be tools and exercises to practice at home after the workshop. You will be able to connect with me to give and receive feedback on your work. The workshops have a seminar structure which means that there will be some teaching but also plenty of space for discussion and input from you.


The techniques shared have all been used and tested by me in real life situations ranging from stress management in daily life to surviving personal crisis. They are drawn from or inspired by Celtic spirituality, Sufism and the 12 step program.


All workshops are supported by donations (Rec 100-250 SEK). If you want to join contact Tim through Messenger, or email to


Workshop 1; Giving up and breaking down

When the shit hits the fan do you grit your teeth and struggle on? Or crawl under a blanket and hide in a corner? There is no “right” answer to these questions. Both can be useful, both can lead to catastrophe. Hw do we find a good path to follow?


Workshop 2: Is there anybody out there? March 3rd 20:00

You, me and everybody I know has tried to fix it by ourselves. But sometimes we’re just not enough. And sometimes we long for something more than just surviving from moment to moment. Where is the magic? Where is the mystery?


Workshop 3; Anxiety as a path to freedom March 17th 20:00

Actually, yes. Anxiety and panic attacks and how they wrecked my life. Survival strategies and finding your way back. Things that don’t work and stuff that worked for me. How to be curious in the face of screaming terror. And, of course, dogs.


Workshop 4; The joy of being wrong March 31st 20:00

The art of fucking up. To boldly go where we really shouldn’t. And also being the owner of your own life and your own actions. The Master of mistakes and the delight of disaster. You know you want to…


Workshop 5;Who am I anyway? April 14th 20:00

We set out on journeys to find ourselves. We try to grow as a human being. We try to fix the things that don’t work. Again and again I find that I don’t really know me. That I don’t know my direction in life. So who is running the show? Is there a road map to my life?


Workshop 6; Words of power, words of grace April 28th 20:00

Ceremonies and rituals, poetry and prayer. Tell me what you really want to say. Silence and power and listening. Finding the moment. Inspiration and understanding. The things that cannot be said and the things we don’t talk about.