In Real Life – Gotland

In Real Life retreat, Gotland 5th – 8th August


As a father, partner, teacher, sweat lodge leader, guide and dog owner my life is very busy. I’m sure yours is too. I don’t have the time to go to follow the kind of spiritual path that needs and ashram and a guru, or several hours of practice every day. I need something that works here and now, even in high stress situations. After more than thirty years of practice, experiment and failure I have found some things that are effective and powerful and I would like to share them with you.


We’ll be revisiting some of the techniques shared in the online workshops and diving into them in greater depth, and we’ll be adding things like the Sacred Fire ceremony, zikr – a sufi movement meditation/prayer, breathwork and anything else that arises spontaneously. There will be time for sharing, and plenty of time to hang out. The goal of this retreat is that you leave inspired, refreshed and with tools you can use to follow your personal spiritual path.


We will meet to investigate real life spiritual practice on Gotland on from the 5th to the 8th of August. Most of the work we do will be outdoors or in a beautiful tipi. There are some beds indoors or you can bring a tent. In order to keep the price low, we’ll be cooking our own food. We gather on Thursday evening and the retreat will end on Sunday afternoon. Please note that there are only 10 places available for this retreat.


Price: indoor bed – 2200 sek        Camping – 2000 sek

All workshops and accomodation is included

Food is not included in the price.


Booking and questions: By email or messenger to me, Tim


There is a 500 kr non-refundable deposit to book your place. Last date for booking and full payment 18th July.  If you are interested in sleeping indoors, please book as  soon as possible as there are only 5 beds. Of course, if for any reason we cancel the retreat all money will be repaid in full.