Into the Wild, Denmark

Into the Wild 30/9 – 2/10

Eagle Road, nr Skanderborg, Denmark

There is a calling within our hearts to connect deeper to our human nature.
A calling to wake up to the sounds of the wild natural world and lightly tread on the soft damp earth at dawn with our bare feet.
To move naturally, breathe deeply and to embrace our own presence, in tune with the lush wilderness of Earth and our hearts.
We invite you to join us on a journey to the simplest form of being we know.
A place and space to connect to the playful essence of your human nature.
We’re offering you the opportunity to wake up your body, your senses and your aliveness fully
This is an immersion into nature where you will learn the foundations of movement in nature, how to use your breath to enhance the quality of your life and explore deeper ways of connecting with nature and the elements.

🌿 Natural techniques of movement such as ground movement, crawling, stalking, barefoot running and how to move more efficiently in nature.
🌿 Breath-work and how you can use your breath to enhance the day-to-day quality of your life, come into deeper states of relaxation and create energy, clarity and focus
🌿 Traditional shamanic practices to open up and deepen your senses, to awaken the animal body and deepen your contact with nature.
🌿 How to experience life from deeper states of consciousness. You will experience a new sense of aliveness and rediscover the ability to play.

Friday evening: Introduction to the Animal body, waking up the senses and losing our human shape.
Saturday morning: The animal plays. Rediscovering movement from a nonhuman place. Connecting the animal body to the shamans body. Animal games.
Saturday afternoon: Looking with the eyes of a hunter, listening with the ears of a deer. Connecting to the weave of the world. The language of the forest.
Saturday evening: The Celtic sweat lodge. Time to lose this human shape and return to our beginnings.
Sunday morning: Putting it all together. The Wild Human.
Sunday afternoon: Closing circle

PRICE: 3200Dkr incl. retreat, vegetarian meals and accommodation.


Place: Eagle Road retreatcentre, near Skanderborg, Denmark