Reclaiming Death, Denmark

Welcome to a fusion of the Celtic Sweat Lodge with the Universe of Mindfulness 7th-10th of October, on HETU Denmark
Do you feel an urge for a space where you can be held, a place where you are welcome just as you are, a place that calls for you just when you stand at the edge of no longer being able to cope with the struggles of your everyday life?
Are you ready to bravely dive into a journey toward a deep insight while embracing the joy of choosing more of you?
Do you feel a longing for a deeper truth and a need to reconnect with what’s really important in your life, your true dreams?
This weekend is for those of you who are looking for more clarity, compassion, inner strength and creativity… for you who are ready to let go of what no longer serves you, in order to create space for what’s truly yours. For three days we will share a journey as a circle, and into this circle we warmly invite you who have some previous experience from working in process through sweat lodge ceremonies, or other kind of self developing work.
Join us in a safe and sacred place, where you can reconnect deeper within, being held and supported by the circle, the fire, the water, and the stones.
In the Celtic tradition, the sweat lodge is a ceremony of death and rebirth. We allow ourselves to let go of the everyday world and peel off everything temporary to get deep into the presence of the moment.
In our daily lives, many of us spend most of our time fearing or avoiding the presence of death. In the Celtic lodge we walk consciously towards our death. We use the awareness we create during our journey, to awaken the realization of what is really important in our lives, and deepen our insight of what no longer serves us, all the things we need to let go and let die in the journey toward liberation.
We make the journey in the sweat lodge together as a circle, with the guidance of the sweat lodge leader Oldoz. For those who choose to dive deep into the journey, the ceremony can create awakening insights, healing and stillness, both emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.
Infused with the journey of the sweat lodge, we share teachings and increase our own power and potential, embraced by the work of Mindfulness. Guided by Rosario, we explore and grow deeper knowledge and awareness of effective tools and attitudes, to implement into our day to day life for greater joy and wellbeing. Letting us fully embody what the journey has revealed, using the strength of consistency.
Our facilitators will support and encourage you to challenge yourself in a safe way.
More detailed information about our practice will be received in your welcome letter after booking.
If you have any question about the ceremony, please contact Oldoz on
+46 723075547 or write to
If you have questions regarding booking or the place, please contact Heidi on +4522122757 or
We Welcome you on Friday 7th October at 17.00 -arrival possible from 16
We say Farewell on Monday 10th October -simple breakfast from 7.30
Due to the powerful process we’ll go through during the weekend, we strongly recommend that you keep Monday free for resting and integration.
The place is called HETU, a little piece of heaven just an hour drive from Copenhagen.
Ravnsbjergvej 50
4560 Vig
This time we also want to welcome our friends from the other side of the bridge, to invest in themselves together with us. To make it possible for more people to join, we offer three levels of prices. Welcome to choose with your heart.
2500 DK – 3500 SEK
2900 DK – 4000 SEK
3200 DK – 4500 SEK
You need to prebook with a deposit of 1000 DK / 1500 SEK. Cancellation has to be made before 21st of September for deposit refund.
To preserve your booking, full payment is to be made latest the 26th of September.
You will at this point receive your welcome letter with more information about our gathering, your preparation and a packing list.
Our booking and cancellation policy is partly due to the fact that our facilitators Oldoz and Rosario both travels from Stockholm, and also -since the weekend is a cross border invitation between Sweden and Denmark, we want to make it possible for all participant to be able to plan and book traveling tickets within a reasonable time aspect.
Investing in Yourself for these three days includes:
Meals and snacks (Friday from 17.00 to Monday breakfast 7. 30)
Sweatlodge journey
Lasting tools and experiences to bring home.
And of course lots and lots of fun, laughter and healing…
Mobilepay for DK to tlf: 22122757
Swish for SEK 123 631 6947 (Arsia AB)
Bankgiro SEK 5207-2857 (Arsia AB)
Please note that booking is made through payment and an email to, for all participant no matter country