See me as I am, Nangilima

21st-23rd May

Shawake, Nangilima

The intention with this weekend is to move beyond defined roles as man or woman. To be able to drop identity and meet the spirit that makes this body alive. We start with speaking your truth, but also about being able to sit and receive the truth from someone else however triggering it may be. And remembering that we are triggered equally by compliments and unpleasant truths…
Then the group will divide for the next 24 hours. The men and women will work separately on deconstructing their identities and getting an understanding of how these identities are created and nourished. Finally we create a space where we can experiment with stepping beyond personality and letting spirit express itself in different ways.
On Sunday the two groups will melt together. We will weave a meeting between the groups and guide them into co-creating a ceremony. The ceremony ends with feeling the boundaries and possibilities of holding and being held.
As usual we meet in the afternoon to share our experiences and to ground before going back to the every day world.
The workshops will be held in English and Swedish.
About Tim Jago
Tim has been holding Celtic lodge ceremonies in Scandinavia for more than twenty years. He has held lodges and ceremonies at Ängsbackas Yoga festival and Tantra festival, Space of Love on Öland, Inspirationsfestival at Skattungbyn and One Heart festival, Solhälla. He has worked at gatherings and retreats all over Scandinavia as well as holding private groups in support of healing and personal development.
About Rebecka :
She is one of Tim’s students and has worked with the celtic sweatlodge tradition for over 8 years and has been holding lodges for 4 years. She has held ceremonies on festivals and at private events. She is a Ayurveda yoga teacher and a training instructor. She has a understanding of an holistic health lifestyle with body, mind and spirit.
Price: 3800kr
Book your place through this link Book here
Everything is included: 6 meals, Accommodation, Sweatlodge, Workshops
Time: Starting on Friday with dinner at 18.00 – Ending Sunday 15.00
Location: Shawake, Svedjan 115, 748 92 Österbybruk
Booking rules
– You confirm your booking and get your place by paying the fee. As a result, the booking is binding.
– If for some reason we need to cancel the retreat, for example for corona restrictions or something else, the full amount will of course be refunded immediately.
If canceled earlier  than  3 weeks before start, the fee will be refunded minus a deposit of SEK 500
If canceled later than 3 weeks before the start, no refund will be made.
– For this retreat we must have as many men as women, there is therefore a limited number of places for each.