Sweat lodge Orust

Celtic Sweat Lodge on Orust 21st November

A time to release the spirits of the dead. A time to look towards the future. A time to begin our journey into the growing darkness. In many religions and ideologies, darkness is something to be feared, something to be avoided. In this tradition darkness is the unknown, the unseen. Yes, sometimes we discover pain or discomfort there. Mostly we find insight, understanding and growth. Everything begins in darkness, sperm fertilising the egg, the seed buried in the ground. The time between Samhain and Heuldro’r Gaeaf, the winter Solstice is a time of looking inward, listening, giving space for the creative impulse to arrive. Making space means releasing the baggage we have collected over the last year. Letting go of anything that doesn’t serve us. Are you ready to release the past? Do you dare to look into the heart of the fire and see the life that is calling to you?


The Celtic sweat lodge is an ancient ceremony for purification, for healing, and for finding a deep peace and balance. No one knows when it started but there are remains in Scotland and Ireland from the time before the Roman Empire. The ceremony has been preserved orally, over generations as fairy tales and hidden among the mountains from unfriendly eyes.


The process is powerful, it leaves no one indifferent. It is used for physical and emotional healing. The sweat lodge is the place where we turn inward and seek answers about the meaning of life, about our purpose, about the way forward. It is the place we come to when we are tired, when we can no longer cope, when we need insights and new strength.


The event is an introduction to the Celtic sweat lodge. It is suitable for beginners and for those who are used to lodge ceremonies.
NOTE! It is important that you book your place in advance so that we can guarantee that everyone who wants can get a place. The process is powerful and it is good if you have a quiet time before the ceremony and afterwards.
Cost 600 kr
info and booking; info@celticlodges.com