The path to freedom, Gotland 28-31 March

The challenge of our lifetime is facing change. There are advances in technology, communication and society. We know that our lifestyle needs to change so that our children and grandchildren can live on a healthy, abundant planet. And we are facing inner change, as our understanding of human nature and our own needs deepens and grows. So many times in our lives we feel stuck, as though there’s some invisible barrier keeping us from moving forward. Sometimes there are physical or emotional health problems involved. So this weekend on Gotland we are going to explore freedom.

Freedom is the ability, and the possibility, to make choices. Where are the places in your life where you feel like you have no choice? What would you change if you have the choice? Nearly all of the obstacles to change are inside us. That voice that says “I can’t do it”, “it’s impossible” or “there’s no other way”. Sometimes it will be because we’re not good enough, we’re too tired or there’s not enough money. Now imagine that all of those inner voices went quiet. That there’s silence inside and you have the space to feel what you need and what you should let go of. Imagine that you are supported in making your choice and living it.  That is our goal for these workshops.

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Many breathwork techniques focus on releasing trauma and difficult emotions, but in this workshop we are interested in what happens when breathing stops. In the womb, breathing doesn’t happen. With this breathing state you can find freedom from stress and anxiety. It can change depression and support physical recovery. Studies of many different breathing techniques, (Wim Hof method, various forms of pranayama and intermittent hypoxia) show numerous benefits to spending to give the body small periods of resting from the breath.

We are going to explore the freedom to be in a state of deep peace through breathwork. In the space between breath consciousness expands and there is reconnection to the inner core of being. The space between breaths is the freedom just to be present and to give the body and the mind the opportunity to heal themselves.

The workshop takes about 90 minutes. There will be an introduction to the technique, we will practice it two or three times, and then there will be the opportunity to ask questions or share something about your experience.

Place: Ryggakuten, Visby                                 price 250 kr


The Book of Life

How do we make choices? Where do those choices come from? The Book of Life is a tool that exposes the unconscious processes behind many of our decisions. It is a mirror we can use to observe ourselves in challenging situations and discover how emotional patterns can grab the steering wheel and take control.

In this workshop we will use concrete real life experiences to discover the driving forces behind our choices. We will follow a process to get to the root emotion behind a behaviour pattern and use intuition and practice to make conscious choices which actually support us in the future. By the end of the workshop you will have a practical technique which allows you to investigate and heal dysfunctional patterns in your life.

Bring a notebook and a pen.

Place: Ryggakuten, Visby                                     Price: 250 kr


The Labyrinth of the Senses

We were all born into this life as the owners of a highly developed technology. Sadly, most of our time is spent finding ways to turn that technology off. What would happen if you gave yourself permission to push the ON button? This workshop is about understanding the ways that our perception is trained to notice some things and ignore others. We can take back the freedom to experience the world without prejudice or conditioning.

In this workshop we are going to explore our ability to experience our bodies, our world and the different layers of reality that surround us. We are going to look at ways of bypassing the built in patterns that keep us from being aware of what is really here. And we are going to access a layer of perception that is beyond everyday seeing and listening. Is it possible that physical existence is a spiritual path all by itself? We are going to question some of the ideas that keep us trapped in “this is how it is”. The Universe is vast and mysterious, and mostly unexplored. Now is our time to join the adventure!

The workshop will take about two hours. Bring a blindfold and wear loose comfortable clothes.

Place: Ryggakuten, Visby                                     Price: 250 kr


The Celtic Sweat lodge

At some time we all feel completely stuck. We feel lost or that our life is missing a purpose. We struggle through the day to day business of eating, working, cleaning, paying the bills but we never seem to be getting anywhere. Then it is time to enter the lodge.

We need to reconnect, to let go of the worn out baggage of our past. We need to step away from civilisation and return to something older, wiser. Something at the heart of our being. We need to remember who we are and why we are here. The time has come to enter the lodge

The time has come for change. We are no longer the person we used to be. We need to let them go. We are stepping into a new life, a new name, a new way of being. Releasing the old and celebrating the new, your time has come to enter the lodge.

The Celtic lodge is a ritual of death and rebirth. It is a process which clarifies what is important and what is just eating up your energy and your time. During the ritual there is a process of release and healing, followed by realisation and understanding. The lodge is a challenge and a gift, showing you your true potential and your inner strength.

Practical information; we light the fire together,  meditate and then enter the lodge. We’re in the lodge for about three hours. Afterwards there will be a sharing circle. You will need a water bottle, something to eat after the ceremony, two towels. Inside the lodge you can wear swimming clothes, a sarong, a towel or nothing at all.

Price: 750 sek                                         Place: Salthamn