The Power of Ceremony, Denmark

Celtic Lodges with Tim Jago and Rebecka Römsing  are honored to  be coming to Heidi and Tue at Keltisk to share shamanic practices of the Celtic tradition and transforming sweat lodge. There will be four long weekends spread over almost a year, starting 18-20 September 2020

> The Power of Ceremony <

Ceremony is the core of shamanic work, whether it is a drum journey, a healing ritual or a lodge. This year we have decided to share practices and tools that we normally only share within the training for lodge leaders. This is a unique opportunity and we are limiting the number of places so that we can teach on a deep individual level, meeting each participant at the place where they need support on their path. We are holding four weekends where we explore tools and practices that make ceremonies powerful and effective. It’s possible to sign up for separate weekends, or for the whole training.

This training is designed for anyone who is working with shamanic practices and wants to take their practice to a deeper level. It’s also a good foundation for those who want to start working in the area of shamanism.

> Weekend one – Fire – 18 – 20 September 2020 <
Power is the driving force behind any ceremony. And to gather power a whole, healthy container is needed. How do we create good containers for ceremonies? How do we gather and use power? Our personal containers can be damaged through stress, trauma or illness, affecting our ability to hold power, but they can also be repaired. We will share tools for repairing your container and also examine the process of seduction giving away power to someone or something else.

> Weekend two – Earth – 13-16 November 2020 <
Strong ceremonies require good roots, a firm ground. They need a physical manifestation. We are here, now in a human body. We walk upon the Earth. There is a purpose to being here in this life. How do we connect our work to the Earth? How do our physical bodies become spiritual tools? We will learn how to receive nourishment and support from the forest and practice communicating with the different beings that live there.

> Weekend three – Air – 5-7 February 2021 <
It is called prana, it is called qi. The life force in our breath. It can be contained and directed to support our ceremonies, and equally importantly, to support our words. Words have power, prayers have power. Choosing your words, choosing how and when to speak empowers a ceremony. Speaking with power, speaking with intention we create a path for the ceremony to move along.

> Weekend four – Water – 16-18 April 2021 <
Presence is an ocean. In our tradition spirit is an ocean. Everything that exists is an expression of the Ocean of Spirit. That ocean cannot be divided into small bubbles of “you” and “me”. When we work with ceremonies, we recognise that. We are one consciousness and through that oneness, we can support and heal each other. We can support the Earth and all of her children. We are not separate. How do we access that state of presence? How do we invite ceremony to arise from that state?

> Price and booking information <
We are primarily reserving the seats for people who want to attend all four weekends. If there are spots available we then open up for drop-in on each individual weekend. E-mail Heidi and Tue at if you’re interested in the whole programme, or for a specific weekend.

With love,
Tim & Rebecka