Vilmodern Sisterfestival

Vilmodern Systerfestival 28/8-29

🌛 Celtic Sweat Lodge 🌜
The Celtic sweat lodge is one of many traditions of lodges, sweat houses,  temazcal, etc. It is a tool found among several indigenous peoples although expressing itself in different ways. The Celtic sweat lodge is a ritual & ceremony of death and rebirth. With the help of heat, we try to create the feeling of the moment before death and the awareness of life so that we can give birth from that experience. There can be healing of the physical as well as the mental. Hopefully, we leave the ceremony with a greater understanding of ourselves and the life we ​​have chosen to live.
Rebecka is leading the ceremony and has studied with Tim Jago and worked with the sweat for about 6 years and led sweat for about 1 1/2 years. She has held sweat lodges at festivals and private events.
Practical info for the lodge:
You need to have drunk about an extra 1.5 liters of water before going into the lodge. Drink slowly and continuously during the day, not all in one go. You can participate if you are over 15 or with the presence of a responsible adult if you are younger. You can sit by the fire and do the ceremony if you do not feel ready to join the lodge. You wear whatever you want in the lodge,  you can be nude nude, or wear a sarong, bikini, whatever suits you best. Bring your towel and water bottle. You can put something of personal value on the altar to gather the energy of your work into it. The ceremony takes about 3 hours. 🌞
If you have any questions, please contact Rebecka at

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Warmly welcome to the fire.

It feels magical to be able to offer Rebecka’s sweat lodge during Vilmodern’s days ❤️
Registration for sweat lodge is at the festival!
We are longing for you 🙏🏼