Sweat lodge Eskilstuna

Sweat lodge, Tilla Vi, Eskilstuna April 1st   As we go through life searching for ourselves, we sometimes find truths in parts of us that we don’t feel comfortable with. We put on feelings like guilt and shame, and out of fear we hide those parts instead of letting them show and make us whole. For whose sake are we hiding them? How can we reach these parts of ourselves that we have hidden and […]

Celtic Sweatlodge, Vig, Denmark

Welcome to the Celtic sweat lodge with Tim Jago 3rd and 4th March 2023 A Celtic sweat lodge is a ceremony that takes us through death and back to life again. It is a healing process that helps us to let go of the conditions in our lives that no longer serve us. The sweat lodge can be challenging, but it is also a gift to show us our deepest potential and inner strength. After […]

Breakthrough retreat – Solhälla

Breakthrough Retreat at Solhälla 28-30 April   There came a day. a moment of realisation, understanding that I was the owner, the builder and the gatekeeper of the cage I was trapped in. I was the only one who could keep me locked in and I was the only one who could get me out. This retreat is about breaking out of the cage and returning to freedom. In my work, the thing that I […]

Reclaiming Death, Denmark

Welcome to a fusion of the Celtic Sweat Lodge with the Universe of Mindfulness 7th-10th of October, on HETU Denmark Do you feel an urge for a space where you can be held, a place where you are welcome just as you are, a place that calls for you just when you stand at the edge of no longer being able to cope with the struggles of your everyday life? Are you ready to bravely […]

Celtic lodge, Torsåker

Keltisk Hösthydda 24 September, Torsåker Hösten närmar sig med sina friska andetag. Vi har expanderat med värmen och den ökning av eld den giver oss. Efter uttryck och kreativit skapande finns en naturlig längtan efter lugn och stabilitet. Vi har fått leka och känna barndomens kraft och nu är tiden för erfarenhet och visdom att styra dagen. Rutiner skapas och vi vänder vår energi till den inre cirkeln igen. Vårt hem, vår familj, oss själva. […]

Into the Wild, Denmark

Into the Wild 30/9 – 2/10 Eagle Road, nr Skanderborg, Denmark There is a calling within our hearts to connect deeper to our human nature. A calling to wake up to the sounds of the wild natural world and lightly tread on the soft damp earth at dawn with our bare feet. To move naturally, breathe deeply and to embrace our own presence, in tune with the lush wilderness of Earth and our hearts. We […]

Human Nature

HUMAN NATURE Human Nature – A Shamanic Journey with Celtic sweat lodge – 3-9 July 2022 Join us for a week of deep nature immersion, natural movement, breath work, community and exploration of your human essence, all embraced by a serene and beautiful location. Connect To Your Human / Nature There is a calling within our hearts to connect deeper to our human nature. A calling to wake up to the sounds of the wild […]

Celtic Sweatlodge, Omberg

Celtic Samhain Sweatlodge Omberg den 22:a och 23:e oktober Tid för inlyssnande Den Keltiska högtiden Samhain närmar sig. Tiden, stunden, platsen mellan det gamla årets slut och det nya årets början. Även kallad platsen mellan död och födelse. Där själen återvänder mot det stora själshavet och lyssnar in det nya livets röst kalla på dem. När det gamla livet är slut, vi släppt på föreställningar, livsvanor och andra beteenden som inte längre har någon mening […]

Celtic Sweat lodge, Orust

Celtic Sweat lodge, Orust 9th April   “Yeah, my blood’s so mad, feels like coagulatin’, I’m sittin’ here, just contemplatin’, I can’t twist the truth, it knows no regulation, Handful of Senators don’t pass legislation, And marches alone can’t bring integration, When human respect is disintegratin’, This whole crazy world is just too frustratin’ “ Barry McGuire, Eve of Destruction, 1964   Every conflict is rooted in fear. All fears, at their basic level, are […]

Keltisk svetthydda, Utö

Keltisk svetthya, Utö 2:a April   En unik möjlighet att vara med om denna ytterst kraftfulla ceremoni i Stockholms skärgård på en vackert placerad ö just utanför Utö. Några ord från ceremoniledaren Rebecka Römsing: Ni är varmt välkomna till att delta i denna gamla ceremoni. Den keltiska svetthyddan har funnits i över 2000 år och har i generationer givits vidare till att den idag finns tillgänglig i vår tid.   Den är skapt för mentalt, […]

Keltisk Svetthydda, Eskilstuna

Tilla Vi 6 March När stressen stiger i mitt liv som en tsunami. När jag ska vara klok, vis, snygg, framgångsrik och allting är bara för mycket. När världen skakar och jag vet inte vart jag ska ta vägen, hör jag hennes röst. En trumslag som pulserar genom jorden, ett hjärtslag från urtiden. Jag krypar in i hyddan, in i mörkrets famn. Överlämnar mig själv och återigen berörs av magin, vandrar djupare in i mysteriet. […]

New Year lodge, Mattmar

Stepping into the New Year, a new journey around the Sun. Do you have an intention, a purpose for that journey? Or will you follow your intuition, letting the adventure unfold in it’s own way? We invite you to start the year with a powerful ceremony of rebirth, a chance to connect deeply to your path and find guidance for the next steps.   In the Celtic tradition, the sweat lodge is a ceremony of […]

Celtic Lodge, Mattmar

Celtic Sweat Lodge, Mattmar 23rd April A warm welcome to the Celtic Sweat lodge Ceremony.   The Celtic sweat lodge is one of many sweat lodge traditions around the world. The sweat lodge has been used for healing, celebration and insight for centuries. Each tradition has its own way of building the lodge and holding the ceremony. This Celtic tradition comes from the mountains of Wales, where it has been hidden for several hundred years. […]

“Come home to yourself” – a journey through the body and mind. 14th November   Full-day retreat with Lisan Bremmers and Rebecka Römsing. The day begins with a somatic yoga session and a meditation: -How does it feel when you move in and out? -Get in touch with your inner compass -Put an intention (sankalpa) before the day   About yoga leaders: Lisan is an experienced yoga teacher who has found her very own empathetic […]

Sweat lodge Orust

Celtic Sweat Lodge on Orust 21st November A time to release the spirits of the dead. A time to look towards the future. A time to begin our journey into the growing darkness. In many religions and ideologies, darkness is something to be feared, something to be avoided. In this tradition darkness is the unknown, the unseen. Yes, sometimes we discover pain or discomfort there. Mostly we find insight, understanding and growth. Everything begins in […]

Celtic Samhain

Celtic Samhain 29 -31 October, Denmark The days between the autumn equinox ca 21 September and the Samhain 31 October is the time to harvest our gardens. Taking the knowledge we gathered during the year and turning it in to wisdom. We let the last year fall into silence and prepare to step in to the dream. And then we come to Samhain, the end of the Celtic year and the beginning of the new. […]

Animal moves – Spiragården

Animal moves is a way to train the body and mind by mimicking the animals’ movements. The movements are taken from nature and inspired by Animal Flow and Budokan. Animal moves not only affect your strength but also improve contact with your body and the connection between body and mind.   After several years of working with yoga, martial arts, strength training and running, I wanted to find something that was missing in conventional forms […]

Truth or Dare – Denmark

Truth or Dare! Truth is vulnerable. Truth is magical. Truth is intimate and powerful. The highest form of rebellion is to speak your truth and stand for it. We all long to be authentic, to be seen, to be met. And yet we have learned to hide who we are behind layers of protection. Because it’s expected or convenient. Because it’s easier or sometimes because we’re afraid of what might happen if people really knew […]

Celtic Sweatlodge – Torsåker

Torsåker 18 September The autumn equinox is soon upon us. The day when the dark and the light are in balance. When that happens a door opens. In spring it’s the door of birth, new life filling the earth with shoots and plants, filling the forest with young. The autumn equinox is different. That door we don’t like to talk about. The one that leads into the dark. And we need it. Time to be […]

Celtic lodges- Öland

Remember that feeling of sitting on the beach as the morning sun wakes up the world. Watching the stones heating in the fire and knowing that soon we will be diving into the mystery of the lodge. Remember crawling out at the end of the ceremony, taking yourself down to the sea and letting the water wash over your body. Some of my most beautiful lodge experiences have happened on the beach on Öland. We […]

In Real Life – Gotland

In Real Life retreat, Gotland 5th – 8th August   As a father, partner, teacher, sweat lodge leader, guide and dog owner my life is very busy. I’m sure yours is too. I don’t have the time to go to follow the kind of spiritual path that needs and ashram and a guru, or several hours of practice every day. I need something that works here and now, even in high stress situations. After more […]

Celtic Sweat lodge at Solhälla

Two lodges at Solhälla, 5th and 6th of June   Summer is here and it’s time to clean out all of the old tired energy of the winter. This last one has been especially challenging in many ways. We need to release everything that doesn’t support us. We need to expand into the warmth and light of summer. There will be two lodges at Solhälla, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Each lodge has […]

In Real Life

In Real Life   A series of online workshops focused on spiritual growth for ordinary people in everyday lives.   As the parent of a two year old, a husband and the carer for two dogs and  my life is pretty busy. The bills need to be paid, the flat needs to be kept clean, meals cooked and clothes washed. On top of that there are clients to meet, retreats to organize and hold, and […]

See me as I am, Nangilima

21st-23rd May Shawake, Nangilima The intention with this weekend is to move beyond defined roles as man or woman. To be able to drop identity and meet the spirit that makes this body alive. We start with speaking your truth, but also about being able to sit and receive the truth from someone else however triggering it may be. And remembering that we are triggered equally by compliments and unpleasant truths… Then the group will […]

Celtic sweatlodge, Torsåker

The Celtic sweat lodge is an ancient ceremony for purification, for healing, and for finding a deep peace and balance. No one knows when it started but there are remains in Scotland and Ireland from the time before the Roman Empire. The ceremony has been preserved orally, over generations as fairy tales and hidden among the mountains from unfriendly eyes. The process is powerful, it leaves no one indifferent. It is used for physical and […]

Celtic sweat lodge, Henån

Our bodies, our minds, our senses are capable of so much more than the way they are used in daily life. Would you like to experience a deep feeling of aliveness? To feel powerful and open? Would you like to feel intimately connected to the world around you? Are you longing to regain your sense of purpose? The celtic sweat lodge is a tool for transformation and healing. It is designed to bring you back […]

The Power of Ceremony, Denmark

Celtic Lodges with Tim Jago and Rebecka Römsing  are honored to  be coming to Heidi and Tue at Keltisk Svedehytte.dk to share shamanic practices of the Celtic tradition and transforming sweat lodge. There will be four long weekends spread over almost a year, starting 18-20 September 2020 > The Power of Ceremony < Ceremony is the core of shamanic work, whether it is a drum journey, a healing ritual or a lodge. This year we […]