Inspirationsfestivalen, Skattungbyn

Inspirationsfestival 2019 will take place 18-21 July. Time to enjoy the festival’s 12th edition! We welcome all the inspirers, enthusiasts and innovators to shape the festival together with us in beautiful Skattungbyn, a magical oasis in the heart of Dalarna. Workshops, lectures and concerts will delight the village for three days! Alcohol-free, drug-free, child-friendly, dance-friendly, jam-friendly. Celtic lodges will be holding a workshop and two lodges at the festival. At some time we all feel […]

Death and Rebirth retreat, Norway 3-5 May

The Celtic death and rebirth ritual At some time we all feel completely stuck. We feel lost or that our life is missing a purpose. We struggle through the day to day business of eating, working, cleaning, paying the bills but we never seem to be getting anywhere. Then it is time to enter the lodge. We need to reconnect, to let go of the worn out baggage of our past. We need to step […]

The path to freedom, Gotland 28-31 March

The challenge of our lifetime is facing change. There are advances in technology, communication and society. We know that our lifestyle needs to change so that our children and grandchildren can live on a healthy, abundant planet. And we are facing inner change, as our understanding of human nature and our own needs deepens and grows. So many times in our lives we feel stuck, as though there’s some invisible barrier keeping us from moving […]

True power, Järna 13-14 April

In this retreat we will combine kundalini yoga with the Celtic sweat lodge ceremony to give participants full support in releasing habits and dysfunctional strategies and breaking through to inspiration and presence.

Space of Love 31/5-9/6

Celtic lodges will hold five sweat lodges and two workshops at Space of Love festival on Öland. These will include a lodge for men and a lodge for women. In addition to the lodges for adults there will be a children’s lodge for 3 – 14 year olds. More information about the festival can be found at

Drop your story 6-7th July

  A collaboration between four inspiring guides are inviting you on an adventure combining an in-depth process of workshops with Sweat lodge  ✨✨✨ Theme ~ Release your story We all have a story about who we are, or who we are not. Or who we would like to be. But where does your story come from? Almost certainly not from you. And how much of that is the truth about you? Really very little. Your […]

Barefoot Camp, Gotland 15-18th August

 Four days by the sea on Gotland Exploring nature and finding yourself Music and meetings around the campfire For years I have had the dream of gathering with friends and sharing some of the beautiful experiences I have in nature. Now we have a unique opportunity. The area we have developed for sweat lodges at Salthamn, Gotland is opening up for a summer camp. Bring your children and your friends. We will holding workshops to […]