Animal moves – Spiragården

Animal moves is a way to train the body and mind by mimicking the animals’ movements. The movements are taken from nature and inspired by Animal Flow and Budokan. Animal moves not only affect your strength but also improve contact with your body and the connection between body and mind.   After several years of working with yoga, martial arts, strength training and running, I wanted to find something that was missing in conventional forms […]

Truth or Dare – Denmark

Truth or Dare! Truth is vulnerable. Truth is magical. Truth is intimate and powerful. The highest form of rebellion is to speak your truth and stand for it. We all long to be authentic, to be seen, to be met. And yet we have learned to hide who we are behind layers of protection. Because it’s expected or convenient. Because it’s easier or sometimes because we’re afraid of what might happen if people really knew […]

Celtic Sweatlodge – Torsåker

Torsåker 18 September The autumn equinox is soon upon us. The day when the dark and the light are in balance. When that happens a door opens. In spring it’s the door of birth, new life filling the earth with shoots and plants, filling the forest with young. The autumn equinox is different. That door we don’t like to talk about. The one that leads into the dark. And we need it. Time to be […]

Celtic lodges- Öland

Remember that feeling of sitting on the beach as the morning sun wakes up the world. Watching the stones heating in the fire and knowing that soon we will be diving into the mystery of the lodge. Remember crawling out at the end of the ceremony, taking yourself down to the sea and letting the water wash over your body. Some of my most beautiful lodge experiences have happened on the beach on Öland. We […]

In Real Life – Gotland

In Real Life retreat, Gotland 5th – 8th August   As a father, partner, teacher, sweat lodge leader, guide and dog owner my life is very busy. I’m sure yours is too. I don’t have the time to go to follow the kind of spiritual path that needs and ashram and a guru, or several hours of practice every day. I need something that works here and now, even in high stress situations. After more […]

Celtic Sweat lodge at Solhälla

Two lodges at Solhälla, 5th and 6th of June   Summer is here and it’s time to clean out all of the old tired energy of the winter. This last one has been especially challenging in many ways. We need to release everything that doesn’t support us. We need to expand into the warmth and light of summer. There will be two lodges at Solhälla, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Each lodge has […]

In Real Life

In Real Life   A series of online workshops focused on spiritual growth for ordinary people in everyday lives.   As the parent of a two year old, a husband and the carer for two dogs and  my life is pretty busy. The bills need to be paid, the flat needs to be kept clean, meals cooked and clothes washed. On top of that there are clients to meet, retreats to organize and hold, and […]

See me as I am, Nangilima

21st-23rd May Shawake, Nangilima The intention with this weekend is to move beyond defined roles as man or woman. To be able to drop identity and meet the spirit that makes this body alive. We start with speaking your truth, but also about being able to sit and receive the truth from someone else however triggering it may be. And remembering that we are triggered equally by compliments and unpleasant truths… Then the group will […]

Celtic sweatlodge, Torsåker

The Celtic sweat lodge is an ancient ceremony for purification, for healing, and for finding a deep peace and balance. No one knows when it started but there are remains in Scotland and Ireland from the time before the Roman Empire. The ceremony has been preserved orally, over generations as fairy tales and hidden among the mountains from unfriendly eyes. The process is powerful, it leaves no one indifferent. It is used for physical and […]

Celtic sweat lodge, Henån

Our bodies, our minds, our senses are capable of so much more than the way they are used in daily life. Would you like to experience a deep feeling of aliveness? To feel powerful and open? Would you like to feel intimately connected to the world around you? Are you longing to regain your sense of purpose? The celtic sweat lodge is a tool for transformation and healing. It is designed to bring you back […]

The Power of Ceremony, Denmark

Celtic Lodges with Tim Jago and Rebecka Römsing  are honored to  be coming to Heidi and Tue at Keltisk to share shamanic practices of the Celtic tradition and transforming sweat lodge. There will be four long weekends spread over almost a year, starting 18-20 September 2020 > The Power of Ceremony < Ceremony is the core of shamanic work, whether it is a drum journey, a healing ritual or a lodge. This year we […]