Who are we?

The Celtic lodge crew are a group of people who have been working with Celtic lodges for many years. Some of us have been holding lodges for more than twenty years while others have just completed their first year. We are also firekeepers, skilled in the art of building and holding ceremonial fires. This can be as part of the lodge ceremony or as a separate ceremony in itself. Contact any of our lodge leaders or firekeepers if you would like their support with ceremony.

Lodge leaders
To become a lodge leader we have first worked as firekeepers, learning the practical aspects of the lodge.When we have gained enough experience by the fire, we begin to learn how to work inside the lodge, leading the ceremonies and guiding the circle sitting together in the ceremony. All lodge leaders have a minimum of three  years training.

Tim Jago has been holding Celtic lodge ceremonies in Scandinavia for more than twenty years. he has held lodges and ceremonies at Ängsbackas Yoga festival and Tantra festival, Space of Love on Öland, Inspirationsfestival at Skattungbyn and One Heart festival, Solhälla. He has worked at gatherings and retreats all over Scandinavia as well as holding private groups. Tim is also available for one to one sessions in support of healing and personal development.

Rebecka Römsing led her first lodge in 2018. She has held lodges at Space of Love festival on Öland, and at Samskapelsen in Stjärnsund. Rebecka is also available to hold private ceremonies.

Tina Haglund held her first lodge in 2020. She has trained with Tim in  the lodge for six years and has kept the fire at Space of Love and private ceremonies.

Firekeepers – All of our firekeepers train for a minimum of one year before they begin to keep the fire for open ceremonies. All of the firekeepers on this page have been responsible for the fire for at least twenty ceremonies.

Ika – currently on maternity leave 🙂

Ulla Haglund has kept the fire at Space of Love and private ceremonies.

Mikael Bergman has kept the fire at Ängsbackas Yoga festival and Tantra festival and at Salthamn, Gotland.


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